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    Multifunction Corn Milling Plant Extends The Corn Processing Industry Chain

    Date:2017-11-08 16:25:01 Writer:

    Multifunction Corn Milling Plant

    In daily life, corn as a food for human activities to provide the necessary heat, in the increasingly developed technology today, after using MULTIFUNCTION CORN MILLING PLANT to extend the corn industry chain, corn in addition to meet the needs of the people for food, it has become an important economic crop, bring more profit for farmers.


    Multifunction corn milling plant extends the corn processing industry chain. Corn originates in the Americas, as a kind of high productivity of crops, corn for the world of humans and animals to provide a lot of food, since the introduction of corn, China's corn planting area continues to increase, today's China has become the world's second corn production country. Although China and the United States also are corn production country, compared to the United States, China's corn utilization rate there is still a huge gap, especially the popularity of multifunction corn milling plant is far less than the United States. In addition to providing food for people, the biggest use is the breeding industry, but these uses are only the primary use of corn, is still confined to the field of food. The application of corn first appeared in the process of producing alcohol, corn is an important raw material for refining ethanol. Produced by the extraction of alcohol can not only eat, but also can be used in industry and medicine.


    In addition, the corn processed by multifunction corn milling plant can also play a role in many fields such as textiles, medicine and so on. In the past, corn only after planting and sales of these two links constitute the industrial chain, but today in the corn into a variety of chemical industrial products, the industrial chain has been greatly extended to provide higher profits for the people, at the same time, after the deep processing of corn produced substitute products, but also effectively save the effective resource on the earth.


    The development of multifunction corn milling plant, so that corn is not limited to the food industry. Now, the corn industry chain extends to various industries, and the multifunction corn milling plant has contributed to the green environment of the earth as well as to maximize the utilization of corn.


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