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    How Much Do You Know About The Roller in the Large Corn Milling Plant?

    Date:2017-10-25 14:42:52 Writer:


    Large Corn Milling Plant

    How much do you know about the structure and technical issues of LARGE CORN MILLING PLANT? Today we will learn about the roller of the large corn milling plant.


    Roller is one of the major components of large corn milling plant, in the industrial production must do roller maintenance work, if there is damage to the timely replacement, to avoid a greater mechanical failure. Large corn milling plant running process, generally divided into two major steps: cleaning sieve and grinding. Cleaning sieve effect influences the final product quality, and grinding, it is the most direct reflection of large corn milling plant "skill", at this time, for the understanding of roller and how to effectively use it becomes very critical.


    The technical characteristics of roller in the large corn milling plant should be matched with the powder road, the short powder road should use the roller with close number of teeth and large inclination, such as the roller with a small number of teeth and a small slope, which will lead to the decrease of the flour yield. In order to keep the flour yield, it is bound to tighten the rolling distance, and also cause the bran to break and worsen the quality of the corn. The long powder road should use the roller with small number of teeth and small inclination, which can reduce the damage of the corn bran and reduce the ash content of the corn.


    Routine large corn milling plant operation and wind tunnel debugging is completed, you can carry out the feeding experiment. The initial feeding should be carried out according to 50% of the designed output. When the flow is balanced, the yield will be increased gradually. By adjusting the grinding distance of each flour mill, the flour rate will be in accordance with the technical requirements: by observing the flour mill grinding situation to analyze the technical characteristics of roller is appropriate; According to the screening material after the distribution of the situation to determine the allocation of powder sieve is appropriate.


    A set of large corn milling plant in the operation process can be said to be interlocking, step by step for the camp, pull the body and move the body, a component can decide everything. So in the daily production process must pay attention to each component, the operation of each equipment, how to make each component to achieve the best operating effect, is the most effective large corn milling plant.


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