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    Industrial Maize Milling Plant Application in Various Fields

    Date:2017-06-15 16:32:19 Writer:


    Industrial Maize Milling Plant

    With the continuous development of the economy, the technical content of INDUSTRIAL MAIZE MILLING PLANT is also improving. The development of industrial maize milling plant to today, in many fields have a very good application, the following we mainly talk about the application of industrial maize milling plant in various fields.


    Take the development of industrial maize milling plant in the United States as an example. Since the end of last century, there has been a rapid growth in the number of corn processing. The industrial maize milling plant industry in our country started late, but after these years of development has also made good results.


    First, the starch industry. With the development of China's starch industry, the demand for starch increased year by year, while the starch processing industry, the proportion of corn starch is also increasing, which is industrial maize milling plant in the starch processing industry in the application of the embodiment.


    Second, fuel ethanol. The use of industrial maize milling plant, corn as raw material to produce fuel alcohol cheap and environmentally friendly, and fuel alcohol will not cause adverse reactions of automotive engines, the market potential is enormous.


    Again, corn chemical alcohol. The status of corn chemical alcohol is equivalent to ethylene in petrochemical industry. With the corn chemical alcohol, can be derived from the petrochemical alcohol can produce all the products, such as synthetic fiber, engineering plastics, special resins, polyurethane, almost omnipotent, the use of industrial maize milling plant has been fully reflected in this respect.


    The above three points are the application of industrial maize milling plant in the field of corn deep processing industry, of course, in addition to the application in these areas, it also has a good application in other areas of processing, such as corn oil, corn sugar and so on. In short, the continuous progress of various fields will promote the development of industrial maize milling plant to a higher level.


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